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USASBE 2017 Election Ballot
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President-Elect Candidates

Mark Schenkel, Belmont University

Mark T. Schenkel is an associate professor at Belmont University. He has served USASBE actively since 2006 as SVP Finance, SVP Marketing & Membership (2014-2015), SVP Operations & Planning (2011-2012), Competitive Papers Track Chair (2016), Education Awards Chair (2012), and Competitive Cases Track Chair (2010). He was recognized for his service with the Executive Director’s Award (2016) and President’s Award (2012). Schenkel presents his research regularly at USASBE, Academy of Management, and Babson College Entrepreneurship Research Conference, and publishes in journals including Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Journal of Small Business Management, and Family Business Review among others. He serves as Associate Editor for Journal of Small Business Management and earned his Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati.

Position Statement:
I believe our vision together must be to continue to strengthen USASBE’s value proposition and position as the leading association for entrepreneurship educators through three key objectives: 1) to develop and share emerging and forward-thinking pedagogies; 2) to develop educationally-focused entrepreneurship research and disseminate the educational implications of discovery-based entrepreneurship research; and 3) to build a premiere network that supports the professional development of present and future educators working to advance the entrepreneurship discipline. It is imperative that USASBE continues to build an association in which our members are empowered to influence the preparation of future entrepreneurial educators, as well as scholars and policy makers, in their efforts to support entrepreneurial practice.

Jeff Vanevenhoven, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Jeff Vanevenhoven, PhD, is an active entrepreneur, an associate professor in Management, and the coordinator of the entrepreneurship major at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, the home office of USASBE. Jeff serves as the USASBE SVP Programming (Elect). He was recently the competitive papers chair for the 2015 conference (Tampa), and will serve as the Pedagogy Track chair for the 2017 conference (Philadelphia). His research has appeared in publications such as: Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Small Business Management, International Journal of Management Technology, and others. Dr. Vanevenhoven was awarded the Outstanding Teaching Award in 2008-2009. He was nominated for the College research award (four times) as well as a nominee for the university research award in 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16.

Position Statement:
I have been deeply involved within USASBE since I co-led the bid and subsequent USASBE home office move to UW-Whitewater. I have had the pleasure to serve on the board since 2013 in a variety of roles. If elected, I would seek to continue our progressive leadership in providing member benefits through sharing syllabi, experiential exercises, course modules, and certificates. Additionally, I would focus efforts on improving our conference through both greater opportunities to share advances in entrepreneurship education and research rigor.

I feel strongly that our organization members deserve transparency and will work towards this in all aspects of our governance including budgeting, leadership development and conference planning. I would focus particular efforts on developing future leaders of USASBE.

Senior Vice President - Operations and Planning

Ken Kury, Saint Joseph's University

Dr. Ken Kury is an Assistant Professor of Family Business and Entrepreneurship at Saint Joseph’s University where he teaches entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship. He received a Ph.D. and M.S. from Boston College and an MBA from the University of Texas – Brownsville. His research is in the areas of social entrepreneurship, social change and critical accounting and has appeared in Accounting Forum, Strategic Management Review, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing, and has a forthcoming textbook, Accounting Ethics. Dr. Kury brings more than 20 years of accounting, management, and entrepreneurial experience to academia. He serves on the advisory boards of POSbites and the Entrepreneur Forum of Greater Philadelphia. He is currently Chair Elect for the Social Entrepreneur SIG.

Position Statement:
Dr. Kury brings his skills as a manager and accountant to the position of Senior Vice President, Operations and Planning. He has a history of building bridges across groups, as well as strategically linking goals with the big picture. If elected he will work diligently to coordinate the activities of USASBE Officers while constantly looking toward how to better position the organization for the future. Dr. Kury has received great benefit from being involved in USASBE over the past several years and through his position as Social Entrepreneurship Chair Elect and hopefully, Senior Vice President, his hope is that he can make a meaningful contribution to the future of USASBE.

Eric Liguori, University of Tampa

Dr. Eric Liguori is on faculty in the Lowth Entrepreneurship Center at the University of Tampa. Liguori has served on the USASBE board for 3 years, first as VP of Publications and then as VP of Research. He also served as lead researcher for Hewlett-Packard’s Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs program, and is an active StartUp Weekend and 1 Million Cups Community Organizer. His research aims to explore two questions: how can we create more/better entrepreneurs, and how can we create environments where entrepreneurship thrives. His work has been published in outlets including Journal of Small Business Management, Management Decision, and International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research. Liguori is an Associate Editor at the Journal of Small Business Management.

Position Statement:
I’ve been a USASBE member for eight years, served on the board for three, two of which I was a part of the Operations & Planning Team reporting to the SVP Ops & Planning (the position for which I’m nominated). In these roles I’ve accomplished the following: I led the redesign of the USASBE website, co-edited Vol. 2 of the USASBE Annals, aided in the creation of our new syllabus/exercise exchange platform, and personally recruited sponsorships totaling $60,000+ in value to USASBE. If elected I would work tirelessly with the President, the Executive Director, and the board to ensure USASBE remains not only compliant with its bylaws, but also well positioned to grow and better create value for its members.

Senior Vice President, Development

Joe Picken, The University of Texas at Dallas

Dr. Picken founded the highly regarded academic program in innovation and entrepreneurship and the associated Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at UT Dallas. These programs have been recognized as a USASBE National Model Program and for “excellence in entrepreneurial teaching and innovation” and “outstanding contributions to advance the discipline” by GCEC. Prior to 2001, Dr. Picken was an entrepreneur, held senior management positions in industry and consulting and taught at UT Arlington and Southern Methodist University. Dr. Picken holds an AB from Dartmouth, an MBA from the Amos Tuck School, and a Ph.D. from UT Arlington. He teaches courses in innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership, and has co-authored two books and numerous journal articles.

Position Statement:
A long-time member of USASBE, I have been a reviewer, organized conference workshops, and served on the Board as VP–Development (2014-2015). In that capacity I supported the SVP-Development and the Executive Director in recruiting sponsorships and contributions for the 2015 annual meeting. I have relevant prior experience. From 2005-2008 the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at UT Dallas (IIE) received no direct university support. As its founder, I raised more than $1.2 million in sponsorships from the business community in support of its initial operations. I have also raised funds for a number of community and non-profit organizations in Dallas-Fort Worth. I am committed to USASBE and willing to put forth the effort required to ensure its continuing success.

Luke Pittaway, Ohio University


Dr. Luke Pittaway is the Copeland Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at Ohio University (Athens, OH). He holds a leadership role within the Department of Management including scheduling, junior faculty mentoring, subject coordination and new program development. He was formerly the William A. Freeman Distinguished Chair in Free Enterprise at Georgia Southern University. Dr. Pittaway has extensive experience founding entrepreneurship centers and programs in the UK and USA, his research focuses on entrepreneurship education and learning and he has published extensively on these subjects. For USASBE Dr. Pittaway is currently a Director at Large, is chairing the 2017 Competitive Papers track and has been a track chair and/or awards chair for the prior three years.

Position Statement:
In the last three years USASBE has emerged from a position of financial difficulty into a position of strength. Excellent leadership teams have accomplished this turnaround and put USASBE on a sound footing for the future. I would seek to help build on this base by helping the Executive Director and President design, develop and implement USASBE’s development and funding strategy. I would expect to work to increase income by expanding sponsorship categories, by helping diversify income streams and by working with the team to expand partnership agreements with key foundations and partners. If elected to the role I will work tireless to help USASBE improve and I will aim to ensure financial sustainability in the longer-term.

Lois Shelton, California State University


Lois M. Shelton, Ph.D. is currently Professor of Management at the David Nazarian College of Business and Economics at California State University, Northridge (CSUN), with a focus on teaching entrepreneurship and experiential internship courses. Most recently, she spearheaded the Nazarian College’s successful bid to host the 2018 USASBE National Conference, and initiated a Special Issue of the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior and Research (IJEBR) in conjunction with the 2017 USASBE Conference, “Rebels with a Cause: The Revolutionary Attitudes, Behaviors, and Cognition of Entrepreneurs”.

She was also elected a USASBE Director-at-Large in 2016 and served as Co-Chair of Competitive Workshops for the USASBE 2016 Conference. In addition to championing the launch of the entrepreneurship curriculum and program at the Nazarian College, she also initiated the successful Grenoble Doctorate of Business Administration at CSUN Program. She serves as Co-Editor for IJEBR and Program Director for the Grenoble Doctorate of Business Administration at CSUN Program.

Position Statement:
If elected, I would work closely with our President and Executive Director to continue to advance USASBE’s development initiatives in two key ways – the search for new funding partners, and the stewardship of our current generous partners. Given our expertise in entrepreneurship education, I believe that USASBE can create more partnerships with corporate foundations and government agencies at various levels that are involved in entrepreneurship and small business, as well as with additional colleges and universities. In addition to broadening the number of our partnerships, I would also devote considerable effort in deepening and strengthening our existing sponsor relationships in insure that they continue to grow and develop.

Senior Vice President-Elect - Programming

Matt Marvel, Ball State University

Matt Marvel is Director of the Entrepreneurship Center and The George A. Ball Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship at Ball State University. Matt’s research focus is human capital and learning in venture development. Currently, he is engaged in research on multidimensional approaches to startup planning.

Matt’s research has been published in ET&P, IEEE, JMS, JSBM, and SBE among others. He serves on the Editorial Review Boards of both ET&P and JSBM. He has led entrepreneurship initiatives at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Western Kentucky University, West Virginia University, and Ball State University.

Matt enjoys home improvement projects and tickling his amazing daughters—Nina and Lila.

Position Statement:
This is a critical time for USASBE and great strides have been made recently. USASBE is going through a “renewal” and uniquely positioned to serve, improve, and GROW entrepreneurship education. I am excited about the progressive leadership team—and would like to contribute as VP-Elect of Programming.

Doan Winkel, Illinois State University

"I am an entrepreneur at Legacy Out Loud and an educator at Illinois State University. My students create and own their learning experiences. My classroom is an entrepreneurial experiment each and every semester.

I have two main goals in life: 1) To fix our broken education system by giving students a voice and control (see my TEDx talk). 2) To motivate younger generations to tackle their dreams through creating their own careers. Follow my journey to those goals at Teaching Lean."

Position Statement:
"I am very passionate about USASBE delivering programming focused on pedagogy. At our annual conference, I started and continue to evolve the Experiential Exercises Track so attendees can actually see and feel what others are doing in their classrooms. USASBE Launch! was another initiative I spearheaded, to incorporate the student perspective into our organization through a startup competition. The Experiential Entrepreneurship Exercises Journal is another effort I founded and lead to provide an outlet for us to share and discuss how we engage our students in entrepreneurial thinking and doing. I would relish the opportunity to again serve as the Senior Vice-President, Elect of Programming and continue to engage members with innovative programming and a powerful annual conference."

Director-At-Large Candidates

Important Note: There are 14 candidates. You will be required to select no more than 2.

Birton Cowden, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Birton J. Cowden is the Associate Director of the Berthiaume Center for Entrepreneurship and faculty at the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The Berthiaume Center was named the 2016 Outstanding Emerging Entrepreneurship Program by USASBE. Dr. Cowden received his Ph.D. in International Business and Marketing from Saint Louis University, with a research focus on International Entrepreneurship. His work can be seen in journals such as Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Multinational Business Review, Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, and Journal of Small Business Strategy. Dr. Cowden also serves as a member of the Western Massachusetts Economic Development Council, a dedicated mentor for the Valley Venture Mentors Accelerator, and an advisor to the Harold Grinspoon Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Position Statement:
As Associate Director of the Berthiaume Center for Entrepreneurship, I am charged with fostering the entrepreneurial culture on campus, developing programs that inspire innovation and venture creation, and aiding ventures started by students, alum, and faculty. I have approached building this program by practicing what I preach: design thinking + lean startup + entrepreneurial leadership. My goal is to bring this philosophy and energy to USASBE in order to allow this organization and its stellar members to reach new heights. In this position, I hope to help USASBE innovate on existing and new programs to better serve its mission. For example, I would favor new initiatives that help synthesize and curate all of the pedagogical knowledge and artifacts.

Clint Day, State College of Florida

Clinton E. Day, MBA is an adjunct entrepreneurship professor who serves as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at State College of Florida. He is a serial entrepreneur who founded three insurance entities in Florida and Georgia and began teaching/mentoring after selling his last business. Professionally qualified by the AACSB business school association, Clint earned a MBA in entrepreneurship, and has been certified by the Babson SEE, Kauffman Ice House, Lean Launch Pad, UF Experiential Classroom, and Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship courses. He is the author of the Bar Charts entrepreneurship study guide, “Set Your Own Salary” how to entrepreneurship book, and a new anthology about evidence-based entrepreneurship, “Understanding Lean Startup”. Clint is a member of the NACCE and USASBE national entrepreneurship associations.

Position Statement:
I would like to serve USASBE for three reasons. It is the premier U. S. entrepreneurship education organization, entrepreneurship education is my life long legacy, and I would like to assist Heidi Neck, incoming President. Heidi was my Babson SEE instructor for whom I have enormous respect, and with whom I can help accomplish USASBE goals. For example, I hope to expand relationships with state Chambers of Commerce to foster USASBE’s role for economic development and expand use of our resources. My qualifications include ten years teaching entrepreneurship, publication of the only entrepreneurship quick study guide for Bar Charts, Inc., and author of two works on entrepreneurship, Set Your Own Salary, a how to book for startup entrepreneurs, and Understanding Lean Startup, an anthology covering all separate studies about evidenced-based entrepreneurship. I have also reached out to my other legacy, veterans. I am an instructor in the Florida Veterans Entrepreneurship Program funded by the State of Florida to help vets start their on own businesses using lean startup. We would like to expand the Florida effort nationwide using USASBE curriculums in local communities helping veterans succeed in a business of their own. Surprisingly, veterans make excellent entrepreneurs because of their teamwork, mission orientation, and structured training. If elected, I will be an active participant improving our reach and image across the eco-system.

Erin Draper, Clarkson University

Erin Draper currently serves as the Director of the Reh Center for Entrepreneurship at Clarkson University and was also a member of the center’s founding team in 2009. Erin is responsible for advancing mission driven programming that catalyzes entrepreneurship across disciplines. In this capacity, she works with university administration, Reh Center Advisory Council Members and donors, advises student companies, leads regional outreach activities, and assesses program effectiveness. Over the past six years, the Reh Center has experienced exponential growth in funding and impact, and has garnered national recognition for its innovative experiential programming. Previously, Erin was the owner of a family auction company and was in outside sales at General Electric.

Position Statement:
I am a passionate advocate for experiential entrepreneurship education and am driven by opportunities to build partnerships, sustainable programs and create cross-disciplinary teams. My experience creating and championing entrepreneurial programs has resulted in a campus wide focus and administrative commitment to developing “entrepreneurial mindset” in all Clarkson University students. As one of the USASBE directors-at-large, I will leverage these experiences and passions to advance the organization’s mission and assist in best practice sharing among USASBE members. USASBE plays a critical role in advancing and improving entrepreneurship education and research and it would be an honor to serve in this capacity.

Klassi Duncan, Delgado Community College

Klassi Duncan is the Director of Business Support & Evaluation for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program at Delgado Community College in New Orleans, Louisiana. In this role, she leads a team of advisors in providing coaching and support services to select businesses from the Gulf South region. She also manages the growth diagnostics process to assess the impact of the program.
Klassi is also a regular course instructor at Delgado Community College, The Urban League of Greater New Orleans, as well as other small business development organizations.

She was recently published in the Huffington Post blog series What’s Working: Small Businesses and was a guest speaker at the 2016 Essence Music Festival for the entrepreneurs’ series on Money and Power. Ms. Duncan earned a BS in Business Management and a Master’s in Business Administration at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida.

Position Statement:
In alignment with the mission of the USASBE, I would love the opportunity to serve the organization and the small business community in supporting entrepreneurial education and research. The position of Director at Large will allow me to serve as the voice of the general membership regarding the key opportunities that will drive the organization forward in the upcoming year. My passion for organizational advancement and innovation make me a viable candidate for this position. In addition, my expertise and experience in small business development and ecosystem management make me a great fit for the role. I am eager to be a part of the process and look forward to adding value to the Board and the organization.

Caroline Glacken, University of North Carolina-Fayetteville State

Caroline Glackin is a faculty member at UNC – Fayetteville State. She has researched access to microfinance, behavioral economics and the borrowing process, and the effect of entrepreneurial education on entrepreneurial competencies. Caroline co-authored research on entrepreneurial finance courses, as well case studies and experiential exercises. She also co-authored Entrepreneurship, 4e and Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, 2e with Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship founder Steve Mariotti.

Caroline earned degrees from Bryn Mawr College (AB), The Wharton School (MBA), and the University of Delaware (PhD). She was the Executive Director of a U.S. Treasury certified Community Development Financial Institution and led Delaware State University’s Center for Enterprise Development. She advises the FSU Entrepreneurship and Marketing Club and is reactivating its Enactus chapter.

Position Statement:
The opportunity to serve as an At-Large member of the Board is one that is an excellent fit. I am a long-term member of USASBE and a three-time co-chair of the Venture Financing SIG, one of the most active SIGs. I have served the organization as a workshop organizer (two full-day workshops), a conference submission reviewer, a competitive workshop judge, and a session leader. I have presented workshops, experiential exercises, cases, developmental papers, and competitive papers. I secured my most recent academic positions through USASBE connections.

USASBE has been a vital part of my professional life and I would like to contribute more to the organization by serving in an At-Large capacity using my experience as needed.

Darlene Jaffke, Lake Forest College

Dr. Darlene Jaffke serves as Director of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, Illinois. She teaches all levels of entrepreneurship and marketing and was instrumental in the development and implementation of an entrepreneurship & innovation minor at Lake Forest College. Darlene serves as faculty advisor to the Lake Forest College chapter of CEO as well as AMA. Her background includes consulting assignments to a variety of on-ground and online business programs across the United States in the area of program and curriculum/assessment to outcomes programming. Besides USASBE, she maintains involvement with CEO, SCR, MMA and MEA. Her research looks at the intersection of entrepreneurship and marketing, pedagogical strategies and authoring case studies.

Position Statement:
As Director of Entrepreneurship & Innovation of Lake Forest College, Darlene has brought entrepreneurship to a small college aligning major entrepreneurial thought with the liberal arts methodology. This has been made possible, in part, through past involvement in USASBE as well as the Experiential Classroom. She hopes to move into a leadership role and to “give back” to USASBE and the academic entrepreneurship community. Darlene hopes to contribute to the board with additional insight and perspective with sights on serving in additional leadership roles in the future.

Wendy Plant, Florida State University

Wendy Plant is the Director of the Center for Student Engagement for the Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship at Florida State University. She advises entrepreneurship students from across FSU’s campus, manages the InNOLEvation ® Center student incubator, and oversees competitions, speaker events and all extra-curricular entrepreneurship student programs.

Ms. Plant has an MBA from the University of Tampa, Certificate in Family Business Advising from the Family Firm Institute, and a Certificate in Incubator Management from the National Business Incubation Association. She currently serves as the Executive Director of the Roundtable of Entrepreneurship Educators of Florida (REEF) and Co-Chair Elect of the MWE SIG in USASBE, and has previously been on the USASBE Board as the Secretary and a Director At-Large.

Position Statement:
Membership in USASBE has provided me many valuable opportunities, and I would be honored to serve as a Director At-Large. I’m confident that USASBE will continue to flourish under the leadership of Heidi Neck, and I’m committed to fulfilling whatever duties she requires to support her.

My primary qualification is the ability to turn the vision of strong leadership into tangible reality. I’m the first Executive Director of REEF, an organization comprised of entrepreneurship educators from colleges and universities across Florida. Among other initiatives, we’re currently implementing the second statewide business model competition. As a previous Board member of USASBE, I’m very familiar with the association, and am ready to quickly get started supporting President Neck and the Board.

Peter Rachor, University of Portland

Peter Rachor is Director for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Portland where he leads Entrepreneur Scholars, a twice-awarded USASBE Outstanding Specialty Undergraduate Program. He also directs the UP/OHSU Technology Entrepreneurship Commercialization graduate program, as well as teaches in the UP Master’s in Biomedical Engineering. Previously, he was Director of Venture Development at the University of New Mexico, responsible for creation of eight start-up enterprises developed through research programs there, including IntelliCyt, which was sold for $90 million earlier this year. He also worked with Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), assisting inventors, entrepreneurs and technology transfer staff.

Prior to becoming involved in education, research and economic development 15 years ago, Mr. Rachor co-founded three technology ventures in wireless and internet communications, and also held senior international positions in several telecom firms.

Peter serves, as the Regional Coordinator for VentureWell, is a Steering Committee member for the Society of International Bioentrepreneurship Education and Research (SIBER), and the LANL Technology Transfer External Advisory Board.

Position Statement:
Entrepreneurship education is at an important inflection point. Having legitimized the field and created presence and relevance on nearly every campus in the US and globally, the next challenges are to spread the important learnings, skills and models of the field to a broader population at these institutions, and infuse students with the entrepreneurial mindset necessary for success, whether or not they ever form a stand-alone venture. This necessitates increased integration of theory, practice, research, emerging pedagogical tools and partnerships, on and off campuses. As a practitioner, educator, administrator and researcher, I hope to bring these perspectives and experiences to the USASBE board, to assist the organization and the institutions it serves to address these challenges and prepare for the future.

Jeff Reid, Georgetown University

Jeff Reid is a national leader in entrepreneurship education. In addition to founding award-winning entrepreneurship centers at both UNC-Chapel Hill and Georgetown University, Reid has led the Washington, DC office for the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, served on the boards of both USABE and the Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers, and chaired the North American Entrepreneurial Studies Leadership Group.

At UNC-Chapel Hill, Reid grew the Center for Entrepreneurship entrepreneurially from its inception to a No. 1 national ranking by Forbes and Princeton Review and was chosen by his peers and Entrepreneur magazine as one of the top five entrepreneurship center directors in the United States. He was awarded USASBE’s 2004 National Instructional Pedagogy Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education.

Position Statement:
USASBE now sits at an inflection point in its history. I ask for your vote so that I can continue to work with our capable leadership - including President Heidi Neck - to position USABE as the absolute best organization for entrepreneurship educators. The field of entrepreneurship education continues to evolve, and it is my goal that USASBE be well-positioned to capitalize on and support that growth. I currently serve in the role of Senior VP for Development and proudly report that we have far exceeded revenue goals and put USASBE on solid financial ground. Now we have the chance to take the organization to the next level, and I ask for your vote so I can continue that effort.

Cassandra Shaw, American Public University System

Dr. Cassandra S. Shaw is the Program Director for Entrepreneurship at American Public University System. She is responsible for the ideation and collaboration development of the Entrepreneurship Center for APUS, creating a podcast series for APUS entrepreneur students, and instilling an innovative curriculum development process. Dr. Shaw manages the activity and content of the Entrepreneurship Center and podcast series and helped to establish a CEO student organization for APUS; at the time, APUS was the first 100% online CEO chapter. She has established social entrepreneurship, ideation, value of networking, and venture capital courses for the undergraduate and graduate programs. Her research has focused on motivations for entrepreneurship and her interests also align with international and social entrepreneurship.

Position Statement:
Being passionate about entrepreneurship, I am a futuristic thinker, enabling me to create vision and energize others with the possibilities, and I excel at brainstorming with others and ideating solutions. I am also a delegate of The Experiential Classroom XVI. I want to become more involved with USASBE to help the continued support of entrepreneurship in education as a specialized degreed area of focus. I am hardworking, conscientious, and will support the initiatives of USASBE. I would like to see growth with an aggregation of international and social entrepreneurship into one facet with the focus on immigration entrepreneurship. I will support the ongoing initiatives and campaigns of USASBE.

Lewis Sheats

Lewis Sheats is an entrepreneur who has brought ventures from launch to profitability, raised venture funding and bootstrapped ventures from concept to exit. He also is an education entrepreneur, devoted to preparing the next generation of entrepreneurs. In January 2015, he launched the NC State Entrepreneurship Clinic. The dynamic applied learning environment embeds NC State’s entrepreneurship students in the entrepreneurship community and provides the resources needed to execute their own ideas. He has received the NC State Alumni Association’s Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor and the 2015 Dr. John S. Risley Entrepreneur of the Year awards.

Position Statement:
As USASBE Director-at-Large, I will collaborate with thought leaders to identify and execute on the next advancements in entrepreneurship education and research.

Julie Shields, Milliken University

Julienne Shields is Director – Center for Entrepreneurship for the Millikin University, Tabor School of Business in Decatur, Illinois. Millikin University has a long-standing membership with USASBE and members have served in multiple capacities within the organization. We have embraced USASBE as an important professional organization which promotes entrepreneurship education to advance the teaching and learning competencies of faculty and which have demonstrated positive student outcomes. Millikin’s commitment to Performance Learning through entrepreneurial ventures and practices.

Position Statement:
As a Director At-Large, I can give voice to the importance of two aspects in particular with regards to current and potential USASBE members: A) smaller institutions, which are often small-but-mighty, have different challenges with championing entrepreneurship on campuses, and B) the importance of multi-disciplinary entrepreneurship programs that infuse entrepreneurship into many daily aspects on campus.

Chuck Sacco, Drexel University

Chuck Sacco is Assistant Dean of Strategic Initiatives and Director of the Baiada Institute for Drexel University’s Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship. He is a technology entrepreneur, educator, advisor and public speaker. His career includes a track-record of launching and growing businesses in the fields of enterprise software, business process management and mobile apps.

In addition to his roles at Drexel, Chuck is President of Mobile Monday Mid-Atlantic, is an advisory board member at the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship Philadelphia, is a founding member of the Philadelphia Regional Entrepreneurship Education Consortium and is a member of the City of Philadelphia's Startup Advisory Group. He is an advisor to numerous entrepreneurs and their companies.  Chuck has a B.S. in Information Systems from St. Joseph’s University and M.B.A. in Technology Management from Drexel University.

Position Statement:
This year I have been the Co-chair for the USASBE 2017 Conference. I have participated on the USASBE board during this time which has helped me gain an understanding of the mission, objectives and operations of the association. I will leverage this experience in the Director at Large role.

I believe that USASBE will continue to grow and extend its mission to align with the increasing opportunities for entrepreneurship education under the leadership of Heidi Neck in 2017. I will work closely with Heidi and the leadership team to help grow the scope and influence of USASBE.

I have a track record of building and running non-profits focused on networking and education. This includes Mobile Monday Mid-Atlantic which was the third-largest networking group in Philadelphia and I helped form the Philadelphia Regional Entrepreneurship Education Consortium which brings together entrepreneurship educator professionals for collaboration and sharing of best practices.

Christoph Winkler, Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus

Christoph Winkler is an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Long Island University’s (LIU) Brooklyn Campus, where he also serves as the Academic Director of the LIU Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Prior to joining LIU in summer 2016, he spent 14 years at the City University of New York (CUNY) developing and researching entrepreneurship education programs. As a trained educational psychologist, Christoph’s research focuses on entrepreneurial learning and social cognition, entrepreneurship education, incubation, and entrepreneurship ecosystems. His work and accomplishments have been recognized through awards from CUNY, IBM, NACCE, ASBE, and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Position Statement:
I am a doer and passionate about entrepreneurship education and learning. Over the years, USASBE has become my source of intellectual inspiration and I relish in our community of dedicated entrepreneurship educators, researchers and practitioners. I strongly believe that it is time for me to take the next step in order to further help and support an organization that has already given me so much. As Director At-Large it is my goal to fully support the mission and vision of our president and board, to support our membership and to advance the field of entrepreneurship education and research. I thank you for your consideration and ask you for your vote for the position of Director At-Large at USASBE.

Review the proposed revisions to the USASBE Articles of Incorporation here.

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