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2014 Conference NCIIA Track
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NCIIA Innovation in Entrepreneurship Track at USASBE 2014

Chair: Ethné Swartz, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Friday: January 10, 2014

1st Session: Ray Smilor, Texas Christian University, Brad Hancock, Texas Christian University, Brad Burke, Rice University, Christopher Buckstein, Chapman University (Presenters):

Business Plan Competitions: Are they Still Relevant?

Moderator: Jennifer Keller Jackson, NCIIA

The Worthington Renaissance Hotel, Post Oak 9:30am-10:45am

Focus: This workshop will review the pedagogical content of three different business plan competitions, followed by a panel of students from those competitions engaging with a representative from NCIIA on the educational relevance and impact of the competitions.

Business plan competitions have been a long-standing educational methodology in entrepreneurship programs. This workshop will look at the pedagogical issues and lessons learned from three business plan competitions. The Richards-Barrentine Values and Ventures Business Plan competition at Texas Christian University focuses exclusively on undergraduate students. The Rice University Business Plan Competition focuses exclusively on graduate students. And the business plan competition at Chapman University includes both undergraduate and graduate students. By considering the process, structure and outcomes of each competition, presenters will address how the learning objectives compliment or clash with classroom curricular priorities and other experiential entrepreneurship activities. They will assess both the potential challenges and possible rewards of funding, managing and evaluating business plan competitions.


2nd Session: Wilburn Clouse, MTSU (Presenter):

Learning in Action: A Commercialization Process Model

Moderator: Keith Hmieleski, Associate Professor, Neeley School of Business, TCU

The Worthington Renaissance Hotel, Post Oak 11:00am-12:15pm

Focus: The presenter will share principles of the Learning in Action (LIA) methodology.

This workshop will take attendees through the process of commercializing a new product generated by electrical engineering students. The presenter will share the experience of developing, with students, a remotely controlled submersible vehicle device capable of capturing high-quality images in depth up to 50 feet. Further, the workshop will discuss how a multi-disciplinary team of scientists and business professors and students designed, developed and commercialized the new product. Discussion will focus on product design, prototype development, competitive analysis, new market development, marketing strategies, cost analysis and final commercialization.


3rd Session: Kathleen Allen, USC; Jeff Cornwall, Belmont, and Elissa Grossman, USC (Presenters):

Teaching 140 Characters at a Time: Disrupting Entrepreneurship Education

Moderator: John Carr, Associate Professor, Neeley School of Business, TCU

The Worthington Renaissance Hotel, Post Oak 3:45pm-5:00pm

Focus: The Case of the Uncertain Future: The use of an original case study developed for the purpose of the workshop, and based on the experience of the educators at their current and prior schools. Attendees will be tasked to deal with the presented crisis as stakeholders to the posed situation. The goal is to initiate a thoughtful, resonant discussion that enables key issues related to disruption to emerge organically and be addressed constructively.

The presenters will assume the roles of the director of the entrepreneurship center, a senior faculty member, and a new, young faculty member. Through their voices we will learn about a specific, impending threat to the center as driven by the disruption that is occurring in the field of education as a whole. The audience, as designated stakeholders in the center, will interact with the presenters to flesh out the issues and work toward a decision point. What are the forces facing this entrepreneurship program? What is the risk of inaction? What is the risk of action (i.e., the risk of making the wrong choice)? What must this program do to remain a robust presence and with what resources and at what pace?


Saturday: January 11, 2014

1st Session:

Christoph Winkler and Stuart Schulman, Baruch College, CUNY (Presenters):

Social Networking Across the Entrepreneurship Education Ecosystem

Moderator: Cameron W. Cushman, Manager of Entrepreneurship, Kauffman Foundation

The Worthington Renaissance Hotel, Post Oak 9:30am-10:45am 

Focus: The main feature of the workshop will be the Institute for Virtual Enterprise ( at Baruch’s Laurence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship. The session will give an overview of Baruch’s entrepreneurship education ecosystem and tis associated educational programs and stakeholders.

The main feature of the workshop will be IVE’s SmartPitch Challenge (, a virtual business incubator and accelerator that employs principles of social networking to bring together a community of student entrepreneurs from over 30 NYC college campuses. Participating students are not only able to develop their business ideas online but also communicate and network within a vibrant and growing community of online and face-to-face mentors. The workshop will be collaborative in nature in order to help other institutions build similar social networks for their entrepreneurship programs and/or expand their work by linking their students with IVE’s challenge.


2nd Session: Patricia Greene, Candida Brush and Heidi Neck, Babson College (Presenters):

A Practice-Based Approach to Teaching Entrepreneurship: Where Invisible Theory Meets Action

Moderator: John Carr, Associate Professor, Neeley School of Business, TCU

The Worthington Renaissance Hotel, Post Oak 11:00am-12:15pm

Focus: Exploring the Theory-Practice Matrix of Entrepreneurship Teaching and Learning

Many argue, us included, that in order to learn entrepreneurship, one must do entrepreneurship. Our position, however, is that doing entrepreneurship does not exclude theory. Effective doing of entrepreneurship requires a set of practices that are firmly grounded in theory. Students vary in the degree to which they need (and want) to see theory. One approach is to embed theory and have it more implicit – it’s invisible and hidden in the practice. We introduce five entrepreneurship practices with associated theoretical groundings. Participants in this workshop will experience the theory in action – participants will practice entrepreneurship.


3rd Session: Gerald E. Hills, Frank Hoy, Jerome Katz, Judie Eyles and Katie Sowa (Presenters):

Creating Best Practices for Entrepreneurial Experiences in Student Clubs and Student Ventures: Extracurricular Education

Moderator: Cameron W. Cushman, Manager of Entrepreneurship, Kauffman Foundation

The Worthington Renaissance Hotel, Post Oak 3:30pm-4:45pm

Focus: The presenters will discuss best practices for operating a successful student extracurricular program.

Extracurricular entrepreneurship clubs are a fundamental component of most university entrepreneurship programs, but little is known about their impact and what explains their ability to produce successful student entrepreneurs. Faculty entrepreneurship club advisors and professors, who are often experienced entrepreneurs, often wish to encourage the startup or increase the success of a campus club program as a means for enhancing lessons learned in the classroom to increase individual entrepreneurial success. The session will be structured to allow for ample discussion and an idea exchange between the audience and the panelists. Attention will be given to creating support systems for student entrepreneurs, including programmatic offerings for student market segments and participating in national/regional events.


Sunday: January 12, 2014

Plenary: Student Success Stories Panel Discussion: What you learned and what you wish you had learned

Moderator: Rebecca J. White, University of Tampa

The Worthington Renaissance Hotel, Grand Ballroom 8:00am-8:45am

Focus: Why Entrepreneurship Education Matters

Panelists: David Grubbs (CEO, Vendevor), Adam Blake (CEO, Brightergy), Matthew Hinson (Founder, Rollout) Valerie Lindenmuth (Co-founder, Valerie and Valerie Weddings and Events)Ashley Murphree (Founder, Carpe Diem Preschools) share their entrepreneurial stories and how their education in entrepreneurship equipped them to build successful enterprises.

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